Malti-Poo Coco(left) and Maltese Sammy(right) are two little darlings that love everybody, and love to play ball and tug-a-war too.

Thank you so much, Lynn Matthews, for watching my girls while I was away again. They loved the walks you gave them and all the special attention that you give. It is so nice to know that I can leave my most precious possessions with someone I can trust to love them and care for their unspoken needs. They love Truly TLC Pet Sitting. Thanks again.

Lisa (client since 2010),
Mission Viejo

Fred, a 13 year old adorable and wonderful big black lab with a heart just as big.
Kai, takes a cat nap after playing with his 4 other brothers and sisters.
Lacy smiles and waits, oh so patiently, for her treat.

I highly recommend Truly TLC Pet Sitting for all your pet sitting needs. We have quite a full household - two dogs, five cats (with 4 litter boxes) and a fish. Lynn and Jared came over for an initial meeting before we went on vacation so that they could all meet everyone and find out where we keep everything. They also had their independent contractor, Jill Mack, come over as well since we have such a large furry family and they wanted to make sure everyone's needs were taken care of and that each of them received individual attention and love during each visit. They took their time to methodically look at everything and asked many questions that I didn't even think of or never dreamed they would take care of for us while we were gone. They were very interested in all of the pets' rituals - usual feeding times, play times, what they liked to play, walk times and lengths, etc. They wanted to make sure that the animals stuck to the same routine they were accustomed to when we were home! Lynn, Jared and Jill were all great with the animals - very gentle, caring and loving. The dogs and two of the cats took to them immediately (and for cats, that's amazing!), and the other three cats warmed up fairly quickly thereafter!

Our oldest is a Black Lab who, bless his big heart, has trouble with arthritis. He requires extra care in his old age including 4 medications 2x a day and extra cleaning at times if he's having a bad day. Lynn, Jared and Jill made sure that they paid extra special attention and detail to ensure that he received the extra TLC he needed - even when at times it's not the most pleasant of all tasks, if you get my meaning.

Their knowledge and background, coupled with their concern and caring nature, put us at ease that all of our babies would be well taken care of while we were gone. To put us further at ease we received a few text messages with updates while we were gone ensuring us that everyone was happy and healthy.

Upon our return I was ecstatic to find that not only were all of our babies very happy and healthy, but the dog waste in the backyard was all picked up, our house was swept, the counters were all cleaned and most of all that the litter boxes were very clean right down to the very bottom!! (I had a prior bad experience with leaving someone to clean the boxes who must have thought everything stays at the top. It took hours to clean and scour them when we got home.) But with Lynn, Jared & Jill they were clean as a whistle! I think the house was actually cleaner when we got home than before we left. LOL! They even watered our plants, brought in the mail daily and took the trash bins out to the curb on trash day! All that and they didn't even charge extra!!!!

We were also pleasantly surprised that we came home to reports filled out on each visit, detailing everything from what and how much they each ate, what they played, their mood and how long each visit lasted. While all the other pet sitters charge for a specific amount of time and seem unwilling to stay beyond that, we were touched to find that they spent good quality time with them each day, far exceeding our expectations, and stayed as long as they needed to at each visit to ensure that everyone was cared for. They really seemed to fall in love with each of our furry babies and took care of them as if they were their own.

We have since used them again and I am pleased to report that we were just as happy this time as we were the first. I happily recommend Truly TLC Pet Sitting to all my friends and relatives.

Linda (client since 2012),
Mission Viejo

Twin Maine Coon kitties Zeke(right) and Pumbaa(left) are big, beautiful, water loving cats that are a real joy to be around.

We love our two cats, Zeke and Pumbaa, like children. We'd always been nervous to trust someone into our home that would love and care for them as much as we do, but from the moment we met Lynn of Truly TLC Pet Sitting we could tell she loved animals and we felt completely comfortable with her. She and her son, Jared, take such good care of our cats (playing with them, cleaning up after them, letting them drink from the sink - their favorite!) that the cats hardly even miss us when we're gone. They leave the most detailed notes about each day they visit (what they did, how the cats acted, whether they were eating normally, etc). They really spend the time to get to know each cat and can easily tell our boys apart even though they're twins. In addition to the outstanding care, they go above and beyond by watering plants, taking out and bringing in the garbage cans and mail, etc, while we're away. We're so thankful that we found them and highly recommend their services. We'll be moving soon and hope we are lucky enough to find someone like Lynn and Jared. Thanks Lynn and Jared!

Shara (client since 2010),
Foothill Ranch

Lola Rose is a super sweet 3� year old Italian Greyhound/Terrier mix who loves to cuddle.

My dog Lola, a rescued Terrier, and my cat Kiki, an Abyssinian, are cared for by Lynn and her son Jared. They have been their daily care takers for over 3 years. Going out for walks, feeding them and caring for them. They are very responsible, knowledgable and above all true pet lovers! I'm blessed to have them looking out for my babies and loving them every day. They are trustworthy and professional.

Sonia (client since 2009),
Foothill Ranch

StringBean caption. StringBean caption. StringBean caption. StringBean caption. StringBean caption.
Boston terrier Stringbean(top-left), Cockapoo Savannah(top-right), and Maine Coon mix Joey(bottom-left) are sweethearts that have hearts of gold.

Whether it's one night or a week-long vacation, I trust Truly TLC Pet Sitting to take care of my two dogs and cat. Lynn and Jared Matthews and Jill Mack are very professional and love animals. Even more importantly, my animals love them. I know my pets are well cared for whenever I'm away.

Cathy (client since 2009),
Rancho Santa Margarita

Bearded Dragon, Spike, really loves his crickets.

Recently, my fianc� and I were presented with an opportunity to travel on a moments notice. Sure enough, we were left struggling to find a way to have our little critters cared for at the last minute. Our veterinarian provided us with a referral to Lynn Matthews, Truly TLC Pet Sitting. Much to our surprise, she ended up living within approximately a half mile from us and was friendly and available!

Super sweet Miniature Schnauzers, Gidgit and Zeke

Lynn stopped by that very night and took her time meeting us and all of our critters ahead of time. Lynn was very detailed and wanted to make sure she knew everything that each pet required. Not only did our two dogs take to her right away, but she also had previous experience with exotic critters like rats and lizards, which is what we had, which was surprise number two. Lynn even spent time holding, petting and playing with each of them that night. She was also extremely concerned about how we preferred to clean all of our cages as well as any dog messes on the garage floor and the yard. Then she spoke to us about dog walks, play time, and hair brushing, etc. Ok, at this point I was overwhelmed! This already was so far beyond what I was expecting from anyone. I now realized that she seemed more interested in caring for our much loved pets than even we do, which I didn't think was possible.

Alright, if that was not enough, she offered to turn on/off the lights, bring in the mail/newspaper, water the plants, open/close the curtains, and take out the trash, all for so much less than I would have spent only on pet housing, where my pets would have likely been bored, under exercised, very lonely and stressed out not being in their own environment.

When we returned, again we were surprised this time to see the stack of daily visit reports with so much detail. We could not believe the constant attention to care and communication through it all! The house was well taken care of, the pets were all healthy and happy and the garage and yard looked so much better than we normally keep it!

We are grateful to Lynn and Jared for all of their attention to detail, not to mention their vast knowledge and interest in so many different critters and their needs. We will definitely call Truly TLC Pet Sitting again without hesitation. Additionally, we will refer them to our friends whenever they have a need for a great pet sitter!

Tammy (client since 2009),
Foothill Ranch

Charlie is a 5 year old English Mastiff big girl, but so gentle.

I have been using Lynn Matthews' pet sitting services ever since I moved to this area.

I have a very large dog English Mastiff, who being still a puppy, is quite a handful as you can imagine!!

Many times I have called upon Lynn's services to walk and/or feed Charlie and my 2 cats. Lynn has always been very accommodating, sometimes on very short notice.

Given Lynn's competency, her background working with animals, and her easy demeanor, I am very pleased with her services, trust her Implicitly, and recommend her highly!!

Veronica (client since 2009),
Foothill Ranch

Kali, a 4-year-old English Mastiff. A big baby with a soft heart.

Our family has entrusted Kali, our English Mastiff, to Lynn Matthews from Truly TLC Pet Sitting many times. She treats Kali as if she is her own. It is clear that Lynn enjoys her job and she is extremely thorough in following our directions for Kali's care as well as making sure our home is safe and secure when we are away. We can relax more on our trips on account of our complete confidence in Lynn and knowing our precious pet is in excellent hands. We truly appreciate how much she does for Kali and consider ourselves so lucky to have discovered her.

Karen (client since 2010),
Rancho Santa Margarita